Symposium: Times of Our Lives 24 maj Århus

24 maj holdes Symposium i Århus om Døgntyme, søvn og lys. Det har en række kendte danske og internationale forskere på dette område.

I skal desværre være hurtige da det ser ud til at tilmeldingen snart lukker og sker her —

Programmet er:

9:30-10:00: Registration & coffee
10.00-10.15: Introduction (Ali Amidi & Lisa Wu)
10.15-11:15: Keynote lecture Professor Katharina Wulff (Umeå University, Sweden) “Adaptiveness to Light from Molecular to Community Level”

11:15-12:15: Invited speakers
11:20-11:40: Associate Professor Birgitte Rahbek Kornum (Copenhagen University, Denmark) “Is the hypothalamus particularly vulnerable to environmental insults during adolescence?”
11:40-12:00: Professor Bobby Zachariae (Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark) “The development of HVIL®: A Danish App for the Treatment of Insomnia”
12:00-12:20: Professor Preben Kidmose (Aarhus University, Denmark) “Long-term Sleep Monitoring Using Ear-EEG”
12:20-13:15: LUNCH
13:15-14:15: Keynote lecture Professor Klaus Martiny (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) “Stabilizing and improving sleep in patients with depression by strengthening of their circadian system through light and other zeitgebers”
14:15-15:15: Invited speakers
14:20-14:40: Associate Professor Christine Parsons (Aarhus University) “Tired and cranky: Examining the Links Between Sleep and Daily Emotion”
14:40-15:00: Associate Professor Lisa Wu (AIAS, Aarhus University) “Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Oncology”
15:00-15:20: Associate Professor Ali Amidi (Aarhus University) “The effect of air quality on sleep and cognitive performance in school children”

15:20-15:30: BREAK

15:30-16:00: Panel discussion: Chairs and keynote speakers will moderate a broader discussion about future research perspectives for the field
16:00-17:00: Networking reception – Attendees will have the opportunity to connect informally