April 2020

03-04-2020 European Narcolepsy Master Class 17th European Narcolepsy Master Class.

European Narcolepsy hosts a one day master class on narcolepsy. Main themes: Etio-Pathophysiology, Clinical presentations, Diagnosis/Differential Diagnosis and treatment discussions. Case based.

Berlin Læs mere
23/24-04-2020 DSOHH Årsmøde Dansk selskab for Ortohinolaryngologi – hoved og halskirurgi afholder årsmøde 23-24. april. Læs mere

Juni 2020

12/13-06-2020 Aging and Sleep 2020 Aging and Sleep 2020 International Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, USA from 12 to 13 June 2020.This meeting will focus on diagnostic and therapeutic processes that have, or will have, real clinical use in older adults.The world’s population is growing and aging rapidly. This unprecedented phenomenon affects medical practice and health care systems in developed and developing countries. Sleep disorders are known to increase with advancing age and to lead to substantially impaired health, cognitive decline, and reduced quality of life. Philadelphia, PA, USA Læs mere

September 2020

22/25-09-2020 European Sleep Research Society Congress 2020 The European Sleep Research Society is an international non-profit organisation whose purpose is to promote research on sleep and related areas, to improve the care for patients with sleep disorders, and to facilitate the dissemination of information regarding sleep research and sleep medicine. Seville, Spain Læs mere

November 2020

06-11-2020 DSSM Årsmøde Dansk selskab for Søvnmedicin afholder årsmøde med særligt tema om døgnrytme Roskilde sygehus, DK Læs mere