Sleep CUP 2023 participants

Sleep CUP 9 jan 2023
We would like to present the Sleep CUP 2023 participants.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Panum next Monday.

Automated Detection of Isolated Rapid-Eye-Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder Combining Actigraphy and Questionnaire
Andreas Brink-Kjær

Transient intracranial pressure elevations are associated with sleep-disordered breathing in patients with intracranial pressure disturbances
Casper Schwartz Riedel

Diffusion along the perivascular space and brain microstructural measures are associated with circadian time and sleep quality
Kristoffer Brendstrup-Brix

Hypnograms for Every Single Night in a Year Predicts Subjective Sleep Quality in Healthy Adults
Esben Ahrens,

Sleep disturbance in adolescent mice causes increased despair-like behavior acutely and might have long term effects
Christine Egebjerg

Automatic detection of abnormal sleeping patterns using highfrequency sleep staging
M. Perslev

Best Regargs
Rune Frandsen